Academic Philosphy

World over the most common refrain from students after a Test is “I knew the answer, but forgot during the exam”? Why does this happen so often? Surely something is wrong with the way we approach a Test or an Exam. In India, most of us believe:

“That concepts are not taught properly in schools and hence students have very poor conceptual clarity. We need to expose the child to multimedia tools like videos, animations etc that explain theory and concepts better”

The mistake here is that we confuse clarity of concept with application of concept. A student might have clarity about the concept, but lack of practise might lead to very poor application of the concept during a test.

You come across students who say they have studied a chapter, but end up doing poorly in those chapters only during a test. Its primarily because of lack of practise.

The main problem that needs to be addressed is this Lack of Practise.

What are the causes:

  1. 75-80% of the students don’t like studying. Hence get any with the easier option of just reading the concept without any practise.
  2. Practising questions is time consuming.
  3. Practising questions repeatedly is Boring.

Current Education Products

  1. Online Content (Rapidly declining marginal utility)
  2. Online Testing with diagnosis and remedial (Need to prepare, resistance from child)

What is wrong

  1. Core belief that kids do not understand concepts (and once they understand concepts, everything will be fine)
  2. Unscientific way of judging topic specific weakness
  3. Silly mistakes (classification of silly mistakes). How do we avoid making the same.
  4. Does not talk about test temperament

What is needed

  1. Practise of concepts in needed, make it ingrained in their minds
  2. Make learning fun
  3. Make it challenging
  4. Improve the test taking temperament of the child

How iChamp makes it happen

  1. Short duration
  2. Friendly challenges
  3. Motivation through endorsements/LB
  4. All India Benchmarking
  5. Reports that tell about what is wrong with the way a child is giving a test, enabling the child to score 100% in his/her strong topics.