India’s first Multiplayer Live Test Platform for Mathematics. For students of Class 1 to Class 8.

iChamp is a fun filled Testing engine with Game features that makes it interesting for a child to take small 2-3 minute tests across various topics in Maths. It enables a student to test himself against his/her peer group across the country. Students earn points for attempting and winning tests. These points go into making class specific Pan India Leader boards with Exciting prizes for the winners.

Live Tests

Students can take Tests against their friends, peers and even against computers. Scores of each participant are projected Live on the screen. Tests are of very short duration focusing only on the core Mathematical concepts a student should know in each class. Students can attempt unlimited number of tests every day, absolutely Free.
Practise Tests: When not taking a test, a student can practise his Mathematics concept application skills by taking practise tests in a particular topic or group of topics. Students can choose between Time Bound Tests and Regular Tests, giving them exposure to various testing techniques and helping them speed up their problem solving skills.


iChamp reports focus more on improving the test taking temperament of the child, enabling him/her to reach his true potential. We identify the common mistakes a child makes, and help the child cut down on silly mistakes during a test. iChamp’s adaptive learning system delivers far reaching results within 4-6 months.

Leader boards

Social Endorsement and Benchmarking of students across the country. There are Daily, Weekly and Monthly Leader Boards for each class. The top students get rewards and certificates. iChamp is the only platform that helps you benchmark yourself against students from all over India, and not just your class or school.


Students unlock various levels based on the XPs earned. Each level brings with it various surprises and rewards in terms of Gold coins. The excitement of unlocking rewards through levels keeps the child practising more and more questions, thereby improving their Maths skills.
There are different difficulty levels as well for Practise tests. The level of difficulty goes up as you clear a lower difficulty level in any topic. This feature helps the student to score better and remain ahead of his peers in class.


A core component of the gamification in Ichamp, students get various badges and achievement trophies as they work their way up the levels. Designed to motivate the student, these badges and achievements spur the child to give in his/her best in any test.


Academic certificates are awarded to students on the basis of their performance in the tests. The higher the student scores in tests, the better are his chances of winning the certificates. There are three levels of certificates: Bronze, Silver and Gold.


Exciting avatars or display pictures are given inside the ichamp App. There are both free and paid avatars. The paid avatars can be bought through the gold coins that children win on giving various tests and unlocking levels.