How it works


Do you often wonder how your child is fairing amongst his peers? Do you often wonder how to bring out the best in your child’s ability? Stop Wondering and start doing! iChamp is here to bring you a live online testing platform where your child can be tested alongside his peers on various knowledge levels. Practise,Testing, Performance, Improvement- It’s all happening at iChamp.
Now available for download on Android. iOS App coming soon.

iChamp- Making Learning Fun

Do you wish to become the India Champion at Maths? Stamp your authority on this subject as you play, learn and improve across the knowledge levels to become the India-Champ. Ichamp uses an intuitive and adaptive online quiz based learning tool which helps kids test and enhance their mathematics skills.
Edutaining Maths- The iChamp way!

What is iChamp?

iChamp is a App based online self testing and assessment tool for mathematics that helps children enhance their maths skills. It aims at gamification of maths making math learning fun for kids aged between 5-15 years.

The adaptive and intelligent iChamp tool follows level based maths testing. The quizzing tool is both engaging as well as powerful enough to improve mathematics learning with increased participation.

How it works?

iChamp tool can be accessed on your mobile/tablet through the android play store. iChamp iOS app will also be available in the Apple App Store by end of Nov 2017. All you need to do is login using your facebook or google account, and start enjoying the iChamp features.