Why iChamp

What is iChamp?

Do you often wonder how your child is fairing amongst his peers? Do you wonder how to bring out the best in your child’s ability? Stop Wondering and start doing! iChamp is here to bring you a Gamified Live Testing Platform to benchmark your child against students across India. Practise,Testing, Performance, Improvement- It’s all happening at iChamp.

Now available for download on Google Play Store (Android) and Apple App Store.
Ichamp uses an intuitive and adaptive online quiz based learning tool which helps kids test and enhance their mathematics skills.

iChamp English – Launching Soon..

Why iChamp?

Kids from Class 1 to 8 normally do not practise enough. While they understand the concepts taught to them, lack of adequate practise makes them performance well below their potential in school exams. This is where iChamp comes in. iChamp gamifies the whole Testing process, making it fun for the kid to practise and take tests, while earning rewards.
The adaptive and intelligent iChamp tool follows level based maths testing. 1 minute long Live Tests against friends and peers, makes it interesting for the child to keep taking more and more such tests. So, you don’t have to push your child to practise anymore. Kids love iChamp and will ask you for it, once they try it.

How to Download iChamp?

iChamp tool can be downloaded on your mobile/tablet through the android play store or Apple App Store. All you need to do is login using your facebook or google account, and start enjoying the iChamp features.